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3 Steps to attract players to your RSPS

Getting additional people to join your RSPS might be difficult at the beginning. In light of this, I’d like to spend some time today detailing the three most crucial things you can do to increase the number of players on your Runescape private server.

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a good server, but it’s important to remember that there are correct and wrong methods to advertise your server to get players. In the years I’ve spent in the RSPS community, I’ve seen many servers, some very successful, others not so much. The knowledge I’m about to share with you stems from the lessons I’ve drawn from my experiences.

1. Create a Real-Time Strategy Game

A simple solution would be great, right? One of the first things to think about if you want to build an RSPS, or are looking for methods to attract more players to an existing server is its content and quality.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to gaming content. While your server’s setup may appeal to you, remember that not everyone shares your taste. Your content may be fantastic, but that isn’t enough to keep players engaged.

Some servers that provide a variety of game modes have tremendous success, while others never get off the ground. Providing players with a steady stream of fresh, engaging material is crucial. This kind of thing will prevent people from logging out due to a lack of content or variety. Gamers and the larger RSPS community will spread the word if your server offers great content.

2. Advertise

Marketing yourself to other players is crucial. Many server developers lack a firm grasp of this crucial area. Sure, you could expand your player base by inviting friends to your server and inviting their friends to play with them. The problem is that this won’t get the word out about your server to the thousands of people who may potentially join it.

One of the first things gamers will notice is how your game is presented, sometimes known as branding. You can’t make a nice logo, thread layout, advertising banner, signature, website, etc., without a professional RSPS graphic designer. Thus it’s important to find one. There are several uses for gfx on your server. Keep your branding constant by working with the same graphic designer wherever possible; this may mean hiring more than one. Most players would agree that the gaming community highly values consistency. Simply providing high-quality material might create that first impression among gamers.

As soon as you have your visuals ready, you can use various distribution channels to bring them in front of gamers. Advertise as much as possible! You can use RSPS server lists such as Runescape Private Servers, or even forums like Rune-Server.

3. Updates and Enhancements

Every time you can, make sure to update your server, website, and any threads you have throughout the RSPS boards so that they are as current and useful as possible. A server can fail to gain traction or fade out gradually if its developers don’t provide enough updates or release material that is unpopular with the player base. Keeping your gamers and the RSPS community interested by reporting on server events is essential. Give your players regular updates and consider their suggestions to give them a sense of ownership over the server’s development.

Put out a few updates every week to let people know you’re working on making the game better. In the same vein, it is recommended to provide varying updates every week. Iif you add a new boss or minigame this week, try a new training area next week. Fix any issues that have been reported and implement any additional suggestions made by gamers. Continue expanding and improving your server with new and exciting features.

It might be challenging to handle everything on your plate as a server administrator and yet have time to provide updates regularly. Anything is possible, however, if you organize your time well enough and have a good support system. It is recommended that you schedule about an hour weekly to prepare and distribute updates to as many outlets as possible. Schedule weekly updates to ensure regular content delivery. If you find that you are unable to keep your server updated on time by yourself, you may always enlist the aid of your colleagues. When it comes to the success of any endeavor, consistency is crucial.

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