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Who Owns the Engagement Ring if Your Wedding is Called Off?

When two people agree to marry each other, they exchange rings to make a strong bond and always stay in their relationship. It happens in the engagement ceremony, an initial step of the wedding. But what if two people disagreed to marry after engagement?

When there is no scope for a wedding, the biggest thing to think about is who will take the engagement ring. It should be returned to the person who gave it to his partner. You can clarify all your doubts regarding your engagement ring by the following write-up. You must know whether you can keep the ring given by your partner or you should take your ring back.

In this ceremony, people also exchange gifts and enjoy the party together. It is painful when two people separate and do not prefer to marry in the future. But if you are ending any relationship, you must know whether keeping someone’s memory with you is okay.

Is Your Ring a Special Gift?

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When you plan an engagement ceremony with your partner, you purchase a beautiful ring for him. Engagement rings are made with different metals and stones. You can buy anyone that you can afford. Many people consider this accessory a gift, and they give it to someone special on their memorable day.

Along with a ring, many things are also offered on this day. It can be clothes, fruits, or other valuable items. But it is better to avoid comparing your ring with other goods. This accessory connects with your partner, and you wear it daily. But this accessory symbolizes a contract that you will marry that person in the future.

If you have changed your mind and decided to break the relationship, you might be thinking about your next step. Many people think that this accessory is a gift and it should be returned. But for some people, it must be returned because one breaks the marriage contract. Other gift items are not included in the list but only in the ring.

Many people do not consider it, and they leave it as usual. Well, it depends on your traditions and state laws. It must be considered as a gift but returning it to your partner is fair is not confirmed in everyone’s culture. But you cannot compare it with other cultural gifts that both parties give to each other.

The Effect of Breakup on the Person Who Keeps the Ring

According to many states, it is not allowed to keep this accessory once the breakup is confirmed. The one who breaks the contract must not have it. Many governments consider it a contract, and the one who breaks it breaches the marriage contract, and it is not worth enough to keep it.

Such a gift must be taken back from him. Leaving all other conditional gifts, the ring must be provided by the person who breached the law. But in other traditions, both parties either return their rings or keep them with them as gifts.

Faulty and Non-faulty Approaches for Keeping the Ring

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When anyone breaks the marriage contract, it may happen for any reason. If any reason exists, then it can be considered faulty. But if your engagement is canceled without reason, it is considered non-faulty. The person who breaks the law is faulty, and the innocent person is non-faulty.

As per many state laws, the one who leaves his partner must not be allowed to keep this accessory, and they need to return it to another person. But the innocent person can keep it as a gift. It is possible to take the case to court to determine the faulty person between the two.

The court will decide what should happen afterward. Due to the non-fault approach, the giver gets his ring because it is an unconditional gift. Sometimes, there is a mutual understanding between two people in the relationship, whether to keep the accessory or return it.

Court Laws

Court decisions depend on state laws, and they prefer considering past cases of couples who keep or return their engagement rings. Every state has a different court along with its laws. It is quite complicated to determine the same decision in every court. You need to check the laws in your state and expect the right decision from your court.

You cannot compare it with others. After the engagement, a ring becomes a part of the marital contract, and a couple has the right to decide mutually. They can decide whether to keep or return this accessory to their partner.

Any Agreement for Deciding the Ring Ownership

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A couple can sign an agreement and pre-decide the ring ownership if they withdraw from marriage. Such a thing is legal in many countries, including the US. A couple can mention any law within the agreement and sign on it. If any of them breaks the marriage contract, the decision will be taken as per the agreement.

This way, one can easily sort out all the confusion and decide everything. A couple is independent in making decisions without involving the court. It makes things simple, and every person can face it easily. A couple also knows about the consequences before they take any action. When you understand the entire legal position of ring ownership, you can easily avoid a breakup.

The Bottom Line

It is normal for people to break their marriage contract after the engagement. But the challenging task is to know the ownership of the ring. Different cultures have distinct beliefs regarding this accessory. Many people prefer to keep their rings with them as a gift, but many people prefer to give them back. If you take your case to court, the decision will be taken as per your state laws.

You need to agree on whether you like it. The best thing you can do is to create a legal agreement and sign it with your partner. This way, you will know the consequences of breaking the marriage contract. It can help you avoid a breakup.

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