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What are the types of forex traders?

It is extremely important for every forex trader to pick the best possible style of trading that suits his/her as it will maximize your chances to succeed in this field. Therefore let’s dig deeper to know the types of the forex traders. 

Types of forex brokers 

In this section of the article we are going to discuss some types of forex brokers so let’s get started. 


The first type of the forex traders that we are going to discuss are the scalpers. They are termed as the short term traders because they prefer to hold positions for less time period and it can be some minutes or even a few seconds. 

Furthermore, such traders do trading all day and their main objective is to get little gains during the most liquid times. It is highly important for a scalper to be highly observant and quick witted.

Day Trader 

Another type of forex traders that we are going to discuss here are day traders. Although the day traders carry out trades frequently,  as compared to the scalpers their routine is not much fast paced. 

Furthermore, it is important to mention here that before the end of the day the traders usually close all of their positions and that means they don’t have to hold it overnight. That’s why they will not likely be afflicted by the negative news that can impact the market after the closure and before the opening. 

If a trader wants to excel as a day trader then it is immensely important to master all the techniques that are significant for this style of trading.  

Position Trader 

The next type of the forex trader that we are going to elaborate here is the position trader. This type of traders are different from the other two types of the traders that we have discussed because they hold trades for an extended period of time and it can range from a few weeks to years. 

That is why the traders who adopt this style of trading are usually more interested about the performance for a longer time period and have less concern for the short run price fluctuations of the assets. 

Algorithmic Trader 

When it comes to placing the orders at the good price then this type of traders have their dependence on the computer programs. Furthermore, these traders utilize the trading algorithm with the defined instructions to buy the existing products or to code the programs. In addition the algorithm traders must keep on checking the technical traders. 

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up we must say that there are different types of forex traders depending upon the difference of strategies and various other factors. It is extremely important to have proper knowledge regarding all of those types then evaluate that under which category do you fall. In this way, you will surely be able to make better decisions. In addition, if you have any query about nas100 brokers then feel free to ask in the comments section. 

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