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Top Reasons to Use Green Screens to Shoot Videos for Your Business

Ad films, videos, demos, or even clips and reels for social media are an invaluable part of the armory of marketers. As useful as they are for boosting the brand image and engaging customers, the videos can be pretty expensive to produce, especially if you need to shoot on location. Using a green screen may well represent a method of producing videos quickly and economically. Some benefits of using green screens for shooting corporate videos include:

Allows Control over the Environment

Shooting videos on location can be immensely challenging because of the logistics, weather conditions, political and other impacts, even availability of desired locations, etc. By shooting against a green screen in a studio, you can have more control and complete your shoot on schedule.

Incorporate Any Location at Will 

It is far easier to shoot using a green screen inside a studio and replace it with a digitally generated picture instead of transporting the crew and equipment over vast distances across different time zones and challenging terrain. If you do it properly, you can save massively on the time and cost of the production. Further, you do not have to juggle the production schedule to suit the availability and convenience of the actors. You can also avoid exposing the actors and the crew to locational hazards.

Flexibility and Consistency

A green screen background for shooting videos permits a great deal of flexibility for filmmakers. Instead of having to shoot outdoor or creating many different sets across multiple locations, it is more convenient to use a green screen in a studio. You can create the effect of all the different locations you need for your video while maintaining the consistency that is otherwise very difficult to achieve.

Portability and Ease of Setup

Typically, you will either have a cloth screen or one made of paper. Cloth screens are more durable, but you need to ensure they are free of wrinkles. They are also more expensive than paper screens. However, the problem with paper screens is that they tend to tear easily, and it is more difficult to clean them. However, because these screens are portable, you can take them along with you and use them in any studio or indoor space you may be shooting in. According to Small Biz Club, green screens are easy to install.

Enhanced Branding Opportunities

Using a green screen gives you more flexibility to brand the film. By using the Chroma key technique, you can easily add colors, textures, logos, taglines, slogans, and other branding elements to the video without making it seem artificial. You can also add or modify the branding elements if needed. All you need is to remove the background you had added and swap it with a new one. Also know about avple


The use of green screens gives filmmakers more flexibility and control over the production and post-production processes. It also saves a lot of time and when done efficiently results in significant cost savings without compromising the quality of the output. However, unless done proficiently, the results are look artificial. 

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