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Importance of Numerology in Vedic Astrology


Numerology deals with the predictions of human life concerning numbers. The part of astrology is also called Anka Vidya, Sankhya Shastra, Anka Shastra etc. The best numerologist in India does numerological calculations according to the characteristics of nine planets, i.e., Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Venus, and Neptune, including Moon and Sun.

Theory of Numerology

In Numerology, each planet consists of numbers. The numbers range from 1 to 9 and depend on the effect of the number on that planet. Thus, these planets have a significant role in influencing everyone’s life. The position of planets at your birth time is helpful to provide an insight into an individual’s specific characteristics. These characteristics are also considered in Numerology as personality traits. For example, if the number of a person is accommodating to other numbers, they can have a healthy relationship.

A Professional Numerologist gives individual primary importance to getting a specified number. Each letter has been assigned with a number according to Numerology. The summation of these letters makes a number. This number can predict the future of a person. Along with number calculation, the calculation of destiny numbers is also used by numerologists. Destiny number is based on the date of birth of a person.

Ancient and modern days of Numerology

Ancient and Modern Numerologists have adopted several adoptive and modern systems of Numerology. In Western countries, the most renowned Numerologists are Goodman, Montroj, Moris, James Lee, Helen Hitchcock, etc. They have adopted several systems of Numerology to predict one’s destiny. The system of Numerology was developed by Dr Cross Montroj, Sephrial, etc. the system is also famous as Hebrew Numerology or the Old method. The numbers assigned to this system have a sequence of Hebrew alphabets.

Whereas Modern Numerologists like James lee, Hitchcock, Taylor etc., have given more importance to the numbers in the alphabets. Alphabetic numbers are used in modern times, and a new method is known as Modern Numerology.

Numerology does not give importance to complicated calculations. For example, if you are not aware of your birth time, then Numerologists use your date of birth and name to determine your career path, life path and future events. According to a reputed online astrologer, important information regarding your life can be easily determined by applying Numerology.

Astrologers or Numerologists excel in Numerology with the knowledge of English and Numerology. Ancient scholars gave importance to the relationship between the planets and numbers, which are

● The Sun has one positive Point and four negative points.

● Moon has seven positive points and negative points 2

● Mars has 9, Jupiter has 3, and Mercury has 5 points.

● Venus has 6, Saturn has 8, Uranus consists of 4, and Neptune has 7 points.

However, modern Numerology follows a different path.

● The Sun has one, the Moon has two positive points, and Jupiter consists of three points.

● Saturn has four points, and Mercury has five points,

● Venus consists of six positive points, Uranus has seven points, and Mars has eight positive points.

● Neptune has nine points, and Pluto has zero.

Ancient and modern calculations of Numerology

Some modern Numerologists make the calculations without co-relating the numbers and the planets. Hebrew letters have been assigned with several numbers. However, the sequence of these letters does not match the sequence of modern English alphabets.

In the old system, the number nine was not used to calculate. Moreover, it does not even follow any specific sequence. But in the modern design, the number nine has been used by modern numerologists to carry out the result.

Aspects of Modern Numerology

Modern Numerology uses numbers like 11, 12 and 33 at a unique place in the contemporary system of Numerology, unlike the old system. Numbers from 0 to 9 are considered significant numbers. Some scholars avoid 0 in their calculations. However, they give the number equal importance.

More than numbers from 0 to 9, numbers ahead of 10 are called mixed numbers. Numbers are generally of two types. The first numbers from 0 to 9 are the significant numbers, and numbers exceeding 10 are known as mixed numbers.

Types of numbers

According to the birth date numerologist, the Root number is calculated according to your birth date. Destiny number is calculated based on the date of birth along with the month, year and date of a person. Name number is calculated with the number of any name and placed along with the number table. Moreover, Numerology assigns different numbers to different zodiacs according to their position in the horoscope.


So, Numerology is a significant branch of astrology. The numerology consultation online can help you to learn more about the different aspects of Numerology.

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