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How to Know if THC-O Capsules Are For You

Only a few years ago, CBD was the most hyped ‘new’ cannabinoid. People were searching for a non-intoxicating compound and were thrilled when cannabidiol became so widely available. However, with marijuana’s legality stretching across dozens of states, consumers now want to experience an intoxicating high.

For those seeking something a little different from marijuana, a fresh batch of new cannabinoids are on offer. These include HHC, delta-8, and THC-O. The latter, nicknamed the ‘spiritual cannabinoid,’ is known for being three times as potent as delta-9. Although gummies and tinctures remain popular, THC-O capsules are fast becoming big sellers. Let’s run through a few factors that will show you that this innovative product is right for you.

• You Value Convenience

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As a modern consumer, chances are, you view convenience as a must rather than a ‘nice to have’ benefit. In this case, you will certainly enjoy what THC-O capsules bring to the table. Using one is as easy as swallowing it with some water.

You can take a capsule at any time. For some users, trying THC-O in the morning with their vitamins is ideal, as long as they are not working that day! For others, it is all about unwinding with the cannabinoid, so they use it later in the evening. Regardless of when and where you want to try THC-O capsules, the way the product is designed makes it easy for you.

• You Want a Consistent Dose

One issue with products such as tinctures is that you’re never sure whether you’re taking the same dose each time. You may consume 0.8ml of liquid one time, followed by 0.6ml the next.

When you buy THC-O capsules 750mg from a top brand like Premium Jane, you know what to expect with each dose. As there are 30 capsules in a container, you’re aware that there is 25mg of the cannabinoid in each pill. Therefore, you should benefit from a consistency of effect. However, please note that certain factors could alter your experience from one day to the next.

• You Want Discretion

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According to a federal court ruling in 2022, cannabinoids such as THC-O, which originally come from the hemp plant, are legal substances if they adhere to the rules of the 2018 Farm Bill. However, many states prohibit or restrict the substance due to concerns over the manufacturing process and the chemical reactions involved in creating the compound.

Therefore, if you live in a state with restrictions, you may want to try THC-O capsules discreetly. However, we must point out that this is an illegal activity that could see you get into serious legal trouble. As such, we advise not using THC-O in any location where it is illegal.

In places where it is legal, you still want to try THC-O capsules without anyone knowing due to the stigma surrounding getting high.

• You’re Looking for Long-Lasting Effects

Although you experience the high much faster when you use a vape product, the effects wear off relatively quickly. In contrast, when you use THC-O capsules, the high may not become noticeable for up to two hours. Yet, once you feel high, it can last for several hours. Depending on your THC tolerance and the amount of THC-O you use, there’s a possibility of experiencing mild psychedelic effects!

• You Want to Avoid Any Taste

THC-O gummies are popular because they taste great and work in much the same way as THC-O capsules. However, some users either want to cut sugar from their diet or else they’re keen to avoid any taste whatsoever. With capsules, you don’t have to worry about taste or texture. Swallow one with water, and you’re done!

Final Thoughts on How You Know Whether THC-O Capsules Are for You

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Ultimately, THC-O capsules are viable if you want a convenient way to consume the cannabinoid without being concerned about any taste or texture. Capsules also provide a consistent dose and long-lasting effects and enable you to enjoy THC-O without worrying about prying eyes.

Of course, you must remember that THC-O has triple the potency of delta-9. Therefore, it is perhaps best not to try it if you have a mild to moderate THC tolerance.

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