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Slip And Fall In A Las Vegas Casino? Here’s What You Should Do

Las Vegas is widely famous as a major resort city and known to provide an elite vacation to tourists. It is home to thousands of nightclubs, fine dining, shopping centers, top-notch hotels, gambling casinos, and recreational activities. Every year, the city experiences about 43 million tourists flocking in to experience the riveting life in Las Vegas.

However, with a large number of people visiting the city, it is also earning the status of a significant hot spot for slip and fall injuries. Recent studies reveal that the sheer negligence of casino owners in leaving wet floors unsupervised or even a bumpy carpet patch can lead to severe slip and fall injuries like broken bones, head and brain, back and spinal, and shoulder injuries, and even lead to severe sprains.

This is when Las Vegas casino injury lawyers come to the rescue as they have remarkable expertise in handling slip and fall cases and providing the proper compensation required to deal with the injuries. A proficient lawyer can skillfully conduct the investigation necessary to file a lawsuit, gather the evidence to establish a strong case, negotiate with the insurance company, and even take the topic to court if necessary.

If you are dealing with a slip-and-fall injury or know someone who is, you have come across the right page. Here is a list of things you must do in case of a slip and fall injury.

Seek Medical Attention & Check For Injuries

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After sustaining a slip and fall accident, the foremost thing to do is to take care of your safety. As soon as an incident occurs, one must seek medical attention and check for injuries.

Seeking medical attention right after an injury aids in providing credibility to your case. Additionally, some injuries might go unnoticed for a prolonged period of time. Hence, it is essential to let a medical examiner look for possible damages in the future due to the accident.

If a person does not report to a hospital immediately, there might be a chance that the defendant claims that you have suffered the injuries from another accident. Hence, it is imperative to seek medical attention right after.

Try To Search For The Cause Of The Accident

Determining the cause of an accident right after you have sustained an injury can be a painful task. However, one must try their best to look for the cues that led to such a severe accident.

For instance, a person might fall down the stairs while visiting a friend in an apartment. Later, they realized that the cause of the accident was a rough patch in the carpet that made them trip and fall. Or, a person might slip on a wet floor and be unaware of the situation because there is no warning sign.

Determining the cause of the accident aids in knowing if you have suffered severe injury due to a third party’s negligence in providing a safe environment.

Try To Gather As Much Proof As Possible

In order to establish a strong case in the jury, one must provide them with as much evidence as possible. The evidence can be in the form of pictures of the place of the accident, bruises or injuries sustained, lack of maintenance facilities, a footage video of the incident, or even one or two eyewitnesses who might have seen the entire incident.

The ability to produce visual proof or an eyewitness aids in building a stronger case. An eyewitness is especially advantageous as a neutral and third-party witness who is likely to narrate the entire story correctly, irrespective of the defendant’s claim.

One must remember to gather information about the people who might have assisted them after the accident or witnessed it. Try to get their contact details like a phone number or email and their address to get in touch with them in case of an emergency.

Producing such strong proofs in a court of law or in front of a jury can aid in negotiating and settling for a more significant amount.

Things You Need To Prove To File A Case

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One needs to prove certain things in front of the court to legitimately file a liability lawsuit against a casino or an organization. Check out the list of items required to hold casinos liable.

  • At the time when the incident took place, the defendant was in complete control of the place or owned the place.
  • The victim or plaintiff was allowed to enter the premises of the mentioned place.
  • Life-threatening conditions existed in the casino or place.
  • The defendant was aware of the threatening situations or might have caused them intentionally.
  • The dreadful conditions mentioned are known to have caused the victim’s injury.

Restrain From Giving Any Statement To The Casino Owner Or Insurance Company

The casino owner may come up to you to get a statement of the accident. However, one must remain calm and refrain from giving an early statement.

Such an act can result in twisting words and might even turn the entire case around. Such cases end up shifting blame from one party to another. In a heated situation like this, a person is likely to surrender and suggest their negligence unknowingly.


A case filed for a slip and fall injury is known to be highly beneficial for the plaintiff or the victim. This is because an excellent lawyer can skillfully negotiate the terms of compensation and provide you with enough compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages in the past and future, pain and suffering sustained, and even the emotional distress or psychological impacts like Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Terminal Brain Injury (TBI) one might have to go through.

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