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Shroud Apex Settings: Video & Graphics Settings

Shroud is an avid CSGO player. He also enjoys Escape from Tarkov and PUBG. His aiming skills are exceptional and he has one of the most popular channels on Twitch with 9.9 million subscribers. Follow the steps below to learn more about his gaming setting and other tips.

Shroud Apex Legend Settings

The Shroud offers high-end streaming and gaming systems. He has made a name for himself in the multiplayer gaming world by joining the American eSports team cloud9 and began with CS:GO. He is a popular Twitch streamer and plans to continue his work on the international Valorant scene. Many professional players continue to follow the shrouds apex legends settings, and try to replicate it.

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We have listed below the video and graphic settings that Shroud uses, as well as his keybinding and mouse settings. These settings are important to Shroud. Take your time and read carefully.

Shroud Video and Graphic Settings

Alienware AW2721D is the monitor that he uses. The monitor comes in two variants: one 27-inch (FHD and QHD), and one 37-inch (WQHD). Many players set their video settings to low, which increases their FPS and allows for smooth gameplay. The following graphic and video settings are available for Apex Legends:

Fullscreen mode is the display mode

The aspect ratio of the image is 16:9

Resolution: 2560×1440

The field of view is 104

The colorblind mode has been disabled

V-sync has been disabled

FPS for adaptive resolution is 0

Anti-aliasing is TSAA

The budget for texture streaming is 8GB VRAM

Ambient occlusion quality is high

Details of the sun shadow are very low.

Texture filtering is 16x

Spot shadow detail is very important

Volumetric lighting is disabled

Disable dynamic spot shadows

The detail in the model is exceptional.

High levels of detail are required.

High impact marks are also possible.

The popularity of Ragdolls is high.

Mouse Settings

He uses a Logitech Pro X Superlight. The gaming environment is crucial for a better playstyle. Your muscle memory, hand movements, and gaming style all play a major role in the mouse setting. The following settings of the mouse are available:

DPI is 450

The mouse sensitivity is 2.9

ADS Multiplier is 1.0

1000 is Hz

Mouse acceleration is off

Also, mouse invert is off

Keyboard bindings

He uses a Logitech G Pro X Keyboard SE keyboard. Shroud uses the standard keyboard, and the mongraal keyboard just like every other gamer. This lightweight mechanical keyboard features a tenkeyless design, and can be used with mechanical switches that are easily swappable. Here are his keyboards:

Sprint starts at L-shift

Ultimate ability comes from Z

The C key is the one that controls the crouch (toggle).

Jump from Mousewheel Down.

Q is the source of tactical ability

Crouch (hold), is from L-Ctrl

Interact/ Pickup is available from F

Tab has the inventory

Fire mode can be accessed by pressing the B key.

Melee is from Mouse 4

Reloads are available starting at R

From the Right-click, aim (hold) to.

Select health products can be used starting at 5

A syringe can be purchased from H

You can use the Med Kit starting at 4 keys

Use the shield cells of the 3 key

The phoenix kit can be used with the X

The G equipped grenade can be found at

Ping the mouse wheel

Push to speak (hold) the caps lock.

The middle mouse button is where you will find the cycle weapon.

The H key is the source of the shield toggle.

PC Gear of Shroud

These are the gaming systems that allow you to play powerfully. Follow the following shrouds and apex legends gaming settings:-

CPU- He streams Apex Legends using the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU.

GPU- Heuses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3090 in 2024 for online gaming

Motherboard: Uses the ASUS ROG Strix X570I, which is the most recent in shroud’s gaming setup.

Memory- It’s the HyperX Predator RGB 64GB RAM.

Case: He uses the MAINGEAR VYBE.

Arm- This arm is also from RODE PSA1.

Mixer – He uses the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 setup.

Chair- Herman Miller chair x Logitech Embodychair

He uses the Sony Alpha a6000 webcam for streaming.

Last words!

We have already discussed the Shroud Apex Settings Video and Graphics. You can copy all settings to enhance your gaming experience. We hope you find this useful and helpful in your quest to improve your setups. You can find more information on these topics in our other articles.

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