Secured at the Lake is an extraordinary break room experience, here in Northwest Indiana (NWI), in Cedar Lake! With FOUR rooms intended for youngsters, adolescents, and grown-ups, there’s really something for everybody. Assuming you’re searching for an hour of constant energy, book your experience today!Your gathering will have an hour to settle the room’s test. You’ll have to address physical and mental signs, and heaps of them. Openness is absolutely vital, and you’ll have to remain cool under tension!

Address Clues

Each departure room has various sorts of pieces of information. There are actual pieces of information (signs that you find), questions, riddles, and that’s just the beginning. Do you should be a deep rooted CSI enthusiast to tackle these hints? NO! The scope of signs is fit to challenge a scope of individuals so everybody can contribute!


This may be the most troublesome test: correspondence! It’s a straightforward idea: talk, talk, talk! However, you wouldn’t believe how troublesome this is for certain gatherings. So accumulate your #1 loud mouths for this getaway room!


Things are falling into place for you here. You’ll have an hour to settle your undertaking, which will appear to be a reviving summer rest from the start. As the last minutes approach, it’ll feel like a cyclone showed signs of life as a wild feline who just brought down 13 coffees. Counsel? Remain cool, however realize you must continue to address.

The Vault Escape Room

Your gathering enters the entryway of Safe Holdings Bank, yet a portion of your companions are being kept prisoner in the bank’s vault! It ultimately depends on you to get them out, yet they will help, as well. They have a ton to tackle and the two gatherings need to cooperate in exceptional ways to free the prisoners.


The lockedinatthelake.com recounts the tale of a young lady whose mum is having a child. She’s going to turn into an elder sibling yet she’s troubled about it! Lily is shipped off her granny’s home when her folks go to clinic and that is when bizarre things begin occurring. She takes off back to her home and acknowledges she is locked out. Lily finds a talking crow who attempts to help her, alongside a band of his companions. Mouse, Mole and Snake are talking animals too who each assist Lily in their own remarkable way.Some of different characters with including the dad thing, the mother-thing and the child thing. These are like substitutions of Lily’s family however they have void bruised eyes and are not all they appear. Scratch Lake is great at composing alarming scenes with Lily and these evil presences – you don’t actually have the foggiest idea what they could do and the peruser feels continually nervous.

My number one person was Mole on the grounds that despite the fact that she can’t see, she actually assists Lily as much as she with canning. It’s not precisely a kinship among Lily and the creatures yet it is entertaining when Lily inquires as to whether she’s dreaming and he does a crap on her head and asks, ‘Could that occur in a fantasy?’

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