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Know All About Choosing the Right TOEFL Classroom Training Program

Know All About Choosing the Right TOEFL Classroom Training Program

If you are struggling with your TOEFL preparation and practice sessions, it’s time to get enrolled in a TOEFL classroom training program run by an experienced TOEFL training institute. You may believe you can handle your prep independently by finding free sample questions online and practicing with mock tests you can get your hands on. However, to know your problem areas and overcome them, learn from your oft-repeated mistakes, understand the concepts, and clear doubts, you need expert guidance. Instead of spending hours on end brainstorming and finding more effective ways to improve your skills, focus on your strengths, and conquer your weaknesses, you can make the journey faster and easier with expert guidance. And that’s where trainers of a dependable TOEFL classroom can help.

Since not all TOEFL live classes programs are created equal, you need to choose one carefully and do the necessary homework before enrolling. Instead of programs run by fly-by-night operators out there to make some quick money at your expense, you should trust the ones conducted by reputed and reliable ones. To make your job easier, here’s a 3-point checklist of things you should consider when choosing the right TOEFL classroom training program.

  1. Check the Success Rate of Past Students

This is perhaps the easiest method of knowing if your short-listed TOEFL classroom program delivers what it promises. To understand how well its students score, you should know how you will get your four scaled section scores and the total score. Each of the four sections in TOEFL (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) has a score range of 0-30, which are added together to arrive at a total score of 0-120.

You need to check the total score of its past students and ask questions to assess how successfully they met the TOEFL classroom training’s learning goals. Apart from focusing on a few students whose scores stand out from the rest, you should also look at the combined results for all the students of a particular TOEFL classroom program to understand the average trend. To what level most students have improved their scores in the mock tests, and their final test scores can also offer useful insights into the effectiveness of your short-listed program. 

Trying to find out the level of ease, success, and confidence with which the students can apply what they learned is equally crucial. In other words, you should try to evaluate learning and learning transfer when selecting a TOEFL classroom training program. In addition to seeking answers from the training institute, you could also talk to some of its past and present students, if possible, to get a clear picture of how things are run. When you come to a provider like Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd, which conducts successful TOEFL classroom training with utmost transparency, you won’t have problems getting all such information.  

  1. Examine the Relevance of Study Materials 

A TOEFL classroom program is effective when the study material is updated and in line with the latest changes, question patterns, and exam trends. Your short-listed program should offer live classes covering all concepts and questions, multiple full-length mock tests, customized exam guidance and essay grading with feedback, access to library and other relevant resources, and unlimited doubt-clearing sessions, among others. It will be best to find a TOEFL classroom training provider that doesn’t need you to purchase any books and provides you with a complete set of study materials that you can use, refer to, and train with. From handouts and books to practice materials, your chosen provider should give you enough to study and practice, thus letting you achieve a high score.

  1. Find the Expertise of the Trainers 

To strengthen your English language proficiency and ace the TOEFL, you need to train under certified and experienced trainers. Before enrolling in a TOEFL classroom training program, you need to ask about the expertise of trainers who will be conducting the classes, handling doubt-clearing sessions, offering feedback, and overseeing your complete test prep. Just having customized study materials won’t be enough if you don’t get expert trainers to make the most of those materials and help you focus on your strengths while overcoming your weaknesses. When you have expert trainers’ support and guidance, you can learn and implement time-tested techniques to score well in the TOEFL. 

Final Words

Jamboree’s TOEFL classroom training ticks all these pointers to help you get rock-solid test prep. Visit here to know more about how experts conducting such TOEFL classroom prep programs can help you ace the real test. 

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