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How to Maintain Zeon Zoysia Lawn?

Who doesn’t love a well-kept and well-maintained lawn? The fresh, rich green, soft-to-touch lawn is a treat to the eyes and food to the soul. It gives you positive energy and helps you stay active and fresh. Even if you get the best quality zoysia from a reputed vendor, it is not easy to maintain it over time. It is because zoysia is a premium grass species and requires a great deal of attention and routine maintenance to look the best. Although the maintenance is not strict, following a specific routine is necessary. Whether it be Zeon zoysia, emerald zoysia, or compadre zoysia, we have sorted you all for almost all of the types of zoysia. This article will help you deal with the most common problems and let you know how to avoid them in the first place. 

Zeon Zoysia Maintenance Routine 


Here are some of the mowing directions that you must consider:

● Use a rotator wheel or a reel mower with efficient functioning. 

● The blades of the mowing tool should be very sharp so that it requires only one blow. 

● The cutting height should be 1.5 inches while mowing.

● In one mowing session, don’t cut more than ⅓ of a leaf.

● Zeon zoysia has a less frequent mowing requirement, whereas the centipede sod has the lowest requirement. On average, you should take a mowing session every 7-10 days. 

● It is best to mow when the grass is tall.

● Adjust the cutting height of the mower to 1-1.5 inches.


Given below are some tips and tricks for watering your Zeon zoysia sod. 

The sod requires water supplementation only when there is a rainfall shortage and a lack of natural irrigation. 

The fixed timing irrigation settings are unsuitable because they lead to land locking of the soil, which causes the roots of the sod to rot, thus arresting the growth. 

Although Zeon Zoysia and other species are droughts tolerant, the growth is better when the water supply is 1 inch per week. If rainfall occurs, there is no need for additional irrigation. 

Over watering does not only cause water wastage but also is very harmful to your sod. Save your sod and water bills by paying due attention. If you want to get your hands on the premium quality empire zoysia or zeon zoysia sod for your lawn, then the Atlanta Sod Farms have sorted you.


The fertilization of your sod should also be well calculated to give the best effect. Some instructions are as follows:

● The application of nitrogen should be well measured and well scheduled. 

● There should be only 2 to 3 pounds of nitrogen for an area of 1000 feet in a year. It should be scheduled in the growing season. 

● If the turf is wet, don’t use fertilizer because it burns it. 

● Be sure about the level, quality, and type of fertilizer specific for zeon zoysia.

● If too much fertilizer is used, there is a chance of disease and stunted growth. 


● Iron supplementation helps with improved color and health. However, most fertilizers contain iron, and you don’t need supplements. 

● Lime is safe, so you can apply it any time of the year. 

● If soil test recommendations suggest lime, only then should it be applied. 

Weed Control

● As zeon zoysia is dense, the weed infestation is greatly retarded. But it is better to prevent weed growth in the first place. 

● You should apply a pre-emergent herbicide specific to the zoysia species. It should be emerald specific if you’re dealing with emerald zoysia grass.  

● Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control products are very useful in weed prevention. There is a proper schedule for the application I’d these products. 


Although the maintenance is not tough, for some people, it gets difficult to follow the proper timing and schedule. The best results show only when the maintenance is done right, and at the right time, so you must pay attention to your lawn. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should you scalp Zeon zoysia?

Scalping is essential to get a beautiful lawn. It is a misconception that scalping is done when the mower blades are not sharp enough, or the blades are too low. However, it is a conscious practice done every spring to bring out the proper health of the grass. 

Is Zoysia grass hard to maintain?

Zoysia grass is considerably low maintenance compared to other types such as Bermuda, centipede sod, etc. It is highly resistant to weeds and disease and has little water and sunlight requirements that don’t need special arrangements. It is fast-growing grass and greatly outgrows the weed.

How does Zeon Zoysia spread?

After 20-24 weeks, the plugs placed at a 1-foot distance start growing if sufficient water is supplied. You should maintain the water supply for 2,3 weeks as the grass grows. It does not require a seed to grow and spreads much more quickly than other types.

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