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How To Handle an Airbag Deployment? 

Airbags are one of the many safety devices installed to save lives. They are programmed to inflate when there is an accident involving your car. The US government has issued directives to modern car manufacturers to install airbags. 

Some cars are fitted with airbags on the seat belts. Not only will you be compelled to wear your seatbelt, but the airbag will trigger off immediately after there is an impact to allow the airbag to inflate within milliseconds so that the steering or dashboard won’t get to you first. 

Without airbags, drivers and passengers are at risk of potential injuries during accidents. Airbags prevent and protect the driver and front-seat passenger from serious harm in case of an accident. 

However, airbags can deploy with little or no impact on the vehicle in rare cases. This may cause injuries to the driver or anyone in the front seat. What to do after your airbags deploy? This is what we want to examine in this article.  

What To Do When Your Airbag Deploys 

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If you have not experienced a car crash before or have not had any close contact with an accident situation, you will not know how airbags work. Airbags are a lifesaver. With an airbag, you will be tightly and securely held to your seat during an accident to allow you enough time and space to regain your strength before thinking of what to do next. 

So, when your airbag deploys, here are the things you can do immediately to ensure you stay safe and alive. 

1. Be Sure To Be Safe 

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Think about your safety first. When you find out that your airbag has deflated, whether there is an accident, be sure of your safety and consciousness before anything else. If you are conscious enough to know what has happened, you can think of what to do next. 

Sometimes when you are involved in a car crash and think that you are stable, you may not know that you’ve lost consciousness. When you come to your senses, you can take the next step. 

2. Secure Yourself and Call for Help  

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The moment you are sure of your consciousness, you can secure yourself by calling for help from within. If you are fortunate to be around residential areas or a busy highway, you may find support from other drivers and passers-by. Call for help immediately. If you can access your cellphone, quickly call 911 for assistance. 

Let your family know your whereabouts. If you can, take photos of the accident and its scenario to show as evidence. Your insurers may need them as evidence. 

3. Seek Medical Attention 

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Once you are out of the car and the airbag, you must seek medical attention. Shocks from accidents can cause serious health issues. Let your doctor or any medical personnel check you for any internal injuries. Most injuries from auto crashes can be internal. Ensure you are properly checked and treated for any damage from the accident. 

Check your blood pressure. Check your body for any system malfunction. Stabilize yourself before continuing with the journey if you have to.  

4. Recover Your Car and Replace the Airbag 

When you have recovered from any injuries from the accident, you don’t want to abandon your car anyway. So, you have to recover it. If it’s still movable, you can drive it to your mechanic to check for any damage. 

If the car is fixed, you need to replace the airbag again to save you another day. Get your mechanic or the airbag providers to return it to you. Airbags work with sensors. After replacing the airbags, you must reset the sensor to function fully. 

If not correctly fixed, the airbag’s sensors may not trigger when next you have an accident. You have to check that the sensors are operational before hitting the road again to ensure the safety of you and other passengers. 

5. Make Insurance Claims 

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If your car is insured, you have to make claims from your insurance company. Depending on the damage done, your insurers have to pay for it. Follow the procedures as prescribed by your insurance company. If you meet the requirements, you are entitled to claims. 

Even the damaged airbag has to be paid for by your insurance company. Airbags are not cheap to replace. Ensure that your insurers pay for all the expenses incurred during your car’s maintenance. Seek legal rights. 

Let your mechanic correctly evaluate the damage done to your car to avoid unforeseen costs.  


As a driver, you need to be sensitive to your airbag. Know that it can trigger without any impact, especially if you are driving excessively.  

Your car’s engine automatically switches off when your airbag deploys. Many motorists reported that their cars started again when the engine switched off after a car crash. However, call your mechanic if the car refuses to start after airbag deployment. Other problems may likely have occurred due to the collision.  

Sure, you now know what to do after your airbags deploy? 

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