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How To Embed Youtube Video Widget On Website?

Meta Description: YouTube’s widget is a great video widget to showcase on websites for brands or business. Try these effective tools to to embed YouTube video widget on your website.

YouTube is one of the most effective platforms to keep your target audience engaged with you. Over the years, YouTube has gained much importance. You can use your YouTube videos now to attract the audience towards your brand and keep them engaged with you. 

Using YouTube widgets is a good idea to automatically show the videos on your website after uploading them on your Youtube channel. This way, you can grow the target audience more and make them stick to the website for a longer time. 

Displaying a YouTube widget can benefit you as a brand. For this, you must know how to do it! Read further to get information about the tools you can use to embed YouTube widget on your website.

Tools To Embed YouTubbe Widget On A Website

1. Taggbox Widget

With this tool, you can collect the available content on your YouTube channel and moderate it. This feature of Taggbox allows you to avoid taking irrelevant videos. You can curate the content before finalizing the widget you embed on the website. 

With this tool, you can make the YouTube widget in different layouts and themes. Taggbox features other design elements too. Like,  multiple background colors. You can choose a suitable option from these. All features help you design an eye-catching widget. 

This tool offers you an easy and fast process of creating and embedding your YouTube widget on the website. Once you design the YouTube widget, this tool displays a code on the dashboard. You need to copy and paste it on the section of your website where you want to embed the widget. Don’t forget to save the changes! 

2. Juicer

This tool gives you a chance to sign-up for free and provides quick assistance. Juicer has a customization feature that you can use for widget customization according to how you want it. 

It gives you a feature of embedding the YouTube widget with an embed code and directly with the video URL. Juicer allows you to aggregate the content from YouTube, customize, and moderate it. 

3. Elfsight 

This tool gives you simple yet effective embedding facilities. With Ellfsight, collection and curation of the content from YouTube are simple. Once you curate the content, it is easy to display the YouTube widget on your website with this social media aggregator tool. 

It allows you to stream your YouTube videos on the website with no glitch. The tool offers you other features also. You can customize the widget as you need and modify it also. With the modification feature of the YouTube widget, you are allowed to change the background. Overall, the tool helps you to make the YouTube widget pleasant. 

4. Stackla 

If you go with Stackla, you can get various unique styles to create your YouTube widget and embed it on the website. Stackla helps you design a mobile-friendly widget. A widget that the user can easily see while surfing the website on a mobile device.

Designing and embedding your YouTube widget on the website with Stackla provides you with benefits like increased user time and high conversion. You can also access galleries full of rich content in this tool.

5. Woxo

This social media aggregator allows you to aggregate relevant videos from YouTube. It makes you aggregate the content from YouTube and displays the widget on your website.

It helps design and develop your YouTube widget and embed it on the website. It is helpful to enhance the aesthetics of your website. 

6. Flockler

It is one of the oldest yet most effective tools to embed your YouTube widget on the website. Flockler allows you to collect videos from YouTube and showcase these on the YouTube widget on your website. 

Creating and Embedding a YouTube widget with this tool will help you have more audience on the website. It makes your website more engaging that it becomes attractive. One disadvantage of this tool is that it is expensive to use. 

7. Feed Them Social 

You can create a pleasing YouTube widget with the help of this tool. It allows you to collect the best of your content from YouTube to design the YouTube widget. It helps make the widget nicely and display it simply on the website. 

Feed them social is a tool that gives you the feature of adding ‘like and follow’ the option on the widget. It helps to enhance the followers on your YouTube channel and increase your reach. It gives you dynamic layouts to design the widget. All the tool layouts offered are mobile-friendly. So, you do not need to worry about optimizing these for multiple devices. 


There are a lot of tools available in the market. You can go with any on the list above to embed the YouTube widget on the website. Choose the social media aggregator tool that matches your requirements. 

Any tool you go with will make your journey easier to design and embed the YouTube widget on the website. It’s time to experiment, and you will see what difference it can create to your audience engagement level on the website!

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