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How much are 120 million views on Facebook worth?

How much are 120 million views on Facebook worth?

Facebook pages with more than 6 million followers include the following: 

John Nonny and Dan Shaba are the people behind the Pun Guys and John Nonny pages. When they are recognized in public, their admirers refer to them as “Youtubers” or “TikTokers,” respectively.

They never mention, ‘Those are those Facebookers,'” Shaba said in an interview with Insider.

The Ontario duo has a large number of real followers on TikTok and YouTube, but Facebook is their primary source of traffic. As a result, this is the family’s primary source of income.

During the course of the program, Shaba and Nonny collaborated on a new type of show: 

a comedy show. The duo is well-known for their amusing memes as well as their fast DIY and prank video tutorials. These individuals understand how to use Facebook’s news feed and how to avoid the most popular topics on the site.

That is how they are able to maintain a consistent stream of revenue. In many ways, this is comparable to how YouTube and its Partner Program compensate eligible producers with a portion of video ad revenue.

There wasn’t always money available. When Shaba and Nonny first started posting on Facebook in 2016, there was no mechanism for them to share money for advertising expenses.

Shaba stated that earning money was quite difficult. The only way for the company to carry forward was through brand agreements and other arrangements. These were not viable long-term alternatives.

When Facebook began showing advertisements in the middle of videos in 2017, it launched its own advertising program. It is required that a page have more than 10,000 followers and that it has received at least 600,000 minutes of cumulative view time in the last 60 days, as well as that it has at least five active videos on it. 

YouTube requires that you have 1,000 followers as well as 240,000 minutes of viewing time in order to post a video on the platform. Nonny and Shaba’s work is most likely to be seen by their admirers on Facebook, which is the most popular social media platform.

In recent weeks, their videos, which they publish to their two accounts many times a week, have received more than one million views on a regular basis. Shaba estimates that a video with 1 million views will earn approximately $1,000 on average.

 In some cases, a video with around 1 million views can earn up to $1,500, depending on the cost per thousand views. Pictures of their Facebook studio were used by Insider to demonstrate that these earnings were legitimate.

For a million-view video, YouTubers often make more money than that, although those films are often long and may contain a large number of midroll advertisements. Despite the fact that the video was only 10 minutes in length.

 YouTube sensation Jade Darmawangsa claimed last year that she earned $3,600 for a video that had 1.2 million views despite the fact that the film was only 10 minutes in duration. They normally make videos that are between three and five minutes in length, but this is not always the case for Shaba and Nonny.

Once a video reaches 50 million views, earnings begin to stall!

Some of their profits begin to decline after a video reaches 50 million views.

For a video with 50 million views, they may expect to earn between $40,000 and $50,000.

simply because they believe that making $100,000 off of a movie with more than 100 million views is a realistic goal for them. Three to four times every year is considered “fortunate” when it comes to video views.

An Insider was able to corroborate these numbers using screenshots from their creative studio dashboard.

What distinguishes Facebook from YouTube and TikTok?

The Pun Guys are known for creating videos that are 3:02 or 3:32 minutes in length on average. According to Shaba, videos should be no longer than three minutes in length in order to get the most revenue.

If a post is longer than that, it may not appear: short videos work well on Facebook because people don’t come to the site to watch videos the way they do on YouTube: People don’t come to Facebook to watch videos the way they do on YouTube.

In order to make the most revenue from advertisements, YouTube does not have a minimum length rule, despite the fact that most films are longer than 10 minutes. TikTok films, on the other hand, can be as short as 60 seconds in length at times.

For some reason, Facebook videos have come to be known as clickbait, with promises of “gotcha” and mind-blowing endings that entice viewers to stick around until the finish.

According to Nonny, it’s a tight line to walk when it comes to preventing viewers from clicking away before the ad break.

According to Nonny, there is a very fine line between being really cheesy and baity and simply attempting to make your films compelling enough that people want to see them through to the end.

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