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Groin Guard: Why is it Important?

Are you getting ready to hop in the ring and fight your opponent? Do you want to be safe while fighting? If so, getting good protective gear like boxing gloves, head guard, and groin guard is a must.

In this blog, we will discuss everything that is to know about groin guards so that you may use them to the very best of your ability.

So, let us get to it without any further ado.

Where it All Started:

Boxing was not in the form it is today from the start. It went through many revolutions and changes, making it what it is today. The sport went through several cultures and has incorporated them into it.

The first traces of boxing could be found in Greece as early as 300 BC. There, boxing was a way to fun and lay back. Leather strips dipped in a peroxide solution were used as boxing gloves at that time, which was the only protective gear.

The activity then made its way to Rome, where it was more than just a way to lay back and enjoy; it became a way of survival. One of the fighters was extremely injured, left disabled, or dead at the end of every fight.

The roman also changed the design of boxing gloves. To serve their purposes, they embedded the leather strips with studs made from metal so that every punch counted. However, the brutality and bloodshed caused by the sport led it to be banned.

In the 16th century, boxing made a comeback in Britain. The British took the sport that had gone obsolete and made it a global sensation we all love and adore.


There are majorly two types of the groin guard which are as follows:

  • Professional Groin Guard
  • Training Groin Guard

However, head guards are not used widely professionally.

For this reason, they are not even allowed in the Olympics.

Nonetheless, they are necessary while training to protect the fighter from concussions and other facial injuries.


It is very important to know what head guard fits you. The size of a groin guard has nothing to do with the muscle bulk or the boxer’s weight.

Given that, lightweight boxers may wear bigger head guards than heavyweight ones.

To know what size head would be perfect for you, follow the following steps:

  • Take a tailor’s tape and place it one inch below your waistline.
  • Record the measurements.
  • Repeat the step two to three times to eradicate any error.

Once you have the measurements, consult the data given at the end of the products to know what size would fit you the best.

Do not get anything that is too large. A bigger groin guard won’t stay at the place and may cause the groin cup to displace.

Getting a smaller size is also not advised as that would cause discomfort, hence hindering ease of play.

Purpose of Use:

The other important to consider while shopping for a Groin guard is to know what purpose you want to use it for. Different types of head guards give different facilities, proving to fit for one thing and not for another.

If you want a groin guard for heavy training, getting something with a lot of padding would be a better choice. Both the fighters are very vulnerable while training due to the lack of practice and skills.

In light sparring, it is very important to see where your opponent is, where the attack is coming from, and be comfortable at the same time. So, getting a groin guard with proper ventilation and visibility would be best for that purpose.

When it comes to competition, there are different rules for every event. Be sure to know these rules beforehand and get the product that fits your needs while satisfying all the competition regulations.

Materials Used:

The material used mostly in the production of head guards is closed cell foams. This is also called EVA foam. The specialty of this material is the permanent air trapped between the foam, allowing it to reduce the extent of blows, making it a good safety gear.

The material is also water-resistant, so any sweat or liquid that may fall on it it will not be absorbed and will not cause any damage. Its light weightiness makes it easier to carry and work with. Read also about avple

Eva foam is very durable; you can make a groin guard work for years without replacing it. The material is very flexible and soft, making it very comfortable and cozy.

Outer Surface:

The outer surface of the groin guard plays an important role in its longevity and performance. There are three main materials used to make the exterior of a head guard:

  • Genuine Leather
  • Vinyl Leather
  • Dipped Vinyl

Leather is the oldest material used to make protective gears, such as boxing gloves and head guards. It is a natural material and provides a great binding force between the EVA foam and the outer covering. The durability is impeccable, and leather head guards can be used as heirlooms.

If you want to get the look and feel of leather at a lesser price, vinyl leather head guards are just what you need. The material is durable and gives the look of genuine just with added shine. It is stain resistant hence is very easy to maintain. The material is very durable and gives

a classic look.


So, this was all about head guards that you need to know. We hope the article helped you in one way pr another and that you will come back soon for more.

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