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For the love of rice

Rice is an ingredient that can be used in lots of recipes. It can partner up with gravies, curries, or it can be a complete meal in itself. Rice is not only a treat for your taste buds, but it is also filled with lots of health benefits. A plate full of rice is healthier than a lot of other things. 

Rice is eaten by lots of people all over the globe. People like rice because it can’t just be the main dish; it also goes with other dishes. Sodium levels in rice, like cholesterol and fats, are deficient. Rice has lots of fibre, which helps in reducing the obesity level in the human body. Rice provides vitamin B to help our nervous system run properly. 

There are various types of rice available in the market for consumption. Each rice has different enriched nutrients and carbohydrates in it. One serving of rice has 53 grams of carbohydrates. Most people think rice is one of the reasons to increase the fats, but it is not. Rice is fat-free. The carbohydrate in rice acts as fuel in our body. When we consume rice, it transforms carbohydrates into a good amount of energy in our bodies. So we need to take proper carb intake. Rice is helpful because it has minerals, vitamins, and fibre components to increase the metabolic rate in our body; it has rich antioxidants too. 

Rice has many health benefits. It supports bones, muscles, and nerves. For vegan people, it’s very good for consumption as it is high in protein. Rice also helps in preventing constipation and regulates the digestive system. It helps in eliminating water from the body and controlling blood pressure. Also, it helps in reducing uric acid in the body. 

Due to its high fibre, it helps in proper digestion, and the waste does not stay for a long time in the body. This way, it fights against colorectal cancer and intestinal cancer. Brown rice has phenolic compounds to cure skin problems. The antioxidant in rice makes the ageing process slow. 

Basmati rice has low saturated fats. These fats have lower bad cholesterol. Unsaturated fats protect against blood clotting and are known to prevent heart disease. Fibres are also known for protecting against heart disease. Basmati rice contains fibre and good cholesterol that ensures heart health.

Typically doctors ask diabetic patients to forgo rice because it has a high glycaemic index. The glycaemic index of rice depends on the type of rice, and Basmati rice has the lowest glycemic index. 

Fibres make you feel slake and inhibit the amount of fat your body absorbs. Rice contains a type of carbohydrate amylose which is difficult for the body to digest. So when you eat rice, it is easier to avoid snacking and maintain weight. 

In some rice, thiamine is present, which gives vitamins to the brain. It improves memory and concentration. It also prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s disease since rice contains high fibre, which helps digestion and reduces the pressure on the rectum by excreting out faeces. 

Fibres in rice also help mobilize large and small intestines in your digestive tract and prevent constipation. Rice helps maintain the water level in the body for the digestive system, and it eases excretion and softens the stool. 

NOTE: Take the doctor’s recommendation before applying the above-given advice. 

There are endless benefits of rice. Without a second thought, you should plate your meals with “Rice” because it helps hamper your body shape and fills your taste buds with great health benefits. That is why it is heavily consumed in India. Rice smells aromatic and flavourful with lots of health benefits. So you can savour preferred dishes and enjoy the rewards of wellbeing. You can use GRM brand 10x Basmati rice for cooking. They are a quality basmati rice exporter and producer. 

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