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Fashion designers that use embroidery in their garments

Fashion designers that use embroidery in their garments

Embroidery had long maintained a close connection with the fashion space. Enchanting embroidery designs have been a source of inspiration for fashion designers who have incorporated digitized embroidery designs to create magical and stunning fashion clothing.

From embroidery patches on denim jackets to intricate floral artwork on tops and jeans, embroidery enables fashion designers to come up with exciting and attractive clothing lines to inspire millions of customers worldwide.

The rise of digitized embroidery work has further strengthened the position of embroidery work in the fashion space. Today, hundreds of fashion designers around the world use embroidery digitizing services to inculcate embroidery designs on garments. Here in this blog, we have come up with some leading fashion designers who extensively use digitize embroidery in their garments. If you, too, are a rising fashion designer or embroidery agency looking for inspiring designs, check out the portfolios of these designers to get started!

Top Fashion Designers that use Embroidery in their Garments!

–         Alice Archer

Alice Archer is a famous London-based fashion designer known for her exceptional skills in using complex embroidery methods. She is best known for her detailed and intricate embroidery designs, which she mapped herself in a computer program before embroidering them on the garment. By using digitized embroidery software, she has been able to create some fascinating embroidery work for her clothing line that inspired millions of women across the world.

Alice Archer’s designs reflect strong feminine appeal and are perfect for semi-casual and official environments. She uses high-quality fabric and top-of-the-line embroidery machines to create luxurious clothing that offers style, elegance, and durability.

–         Vita Kin

Vita Kin is yet another famous fashion designer from Ukraine that excessively use embroidery work in her clothing line. Unlike Alice Archer, the embroidery work of Vita Kin is heavily inspired by traditions and cultures. She is best known for creating some timeless traditional Ukrainian wear called “Vyshyvanka.”

Vita creates vivid and colorful embroidery on traditional peasant blouses and flowing dresses. She is probably one of the few designers that have kept the art of hand embroidery alive. She painstakingly hands embroiders each dress to create the most magical and timeless attire of the highest quality. Since all here dresses are hand embroidered, each dress can take months to finish. Over time, her art and skills have gained an international appreciation, resulting in increased international demand for her work.

–         Asiya Bareeva

Asiya Bareeva is a relatively young and emerging fashion designer who has made her mark in effectively using embroidery in her clothing line. The Russian fashion designer is heavily influenced by Russian multiculturalism and is best known for creating intimidating traditional cultural clothing worn by different religious communities living in Russia (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.).

To add to her credit, Asiya Bareeva is an eco-friendly designer who promotes eco-friendly material use in the fashion industry. She uses second-hand material for her clothing line, which is marked by its elegance and enchanting designs. She generally prefers to use neutral colors in her designs, reflecting the traditional daily wear of communities in Russia.

–         Natalie Tahhan

Natalie Tahhan is an inspirational fashion designer from Palestine who uses embroidery and fashion to bring to light the rich traditions and culture of her country. To reflects her country’s vibrant clothing, she doesn’t shy away from using bright, inspiring, and vibrating colors in her work and often uses heavy embroidery that appears stunning.

Natalie Tahhan is based in Doha, Qatar, and over the years, she has created a complete fashion line that reflects the culture of every Palestine City. She named her collection “Prints of Palestine,” which adequately reflects the true spirit of her work.

Her use of ingenuine embroidery work reflects designs worn by women from different parts of Palestine. She has been focused on reviving the traditional Palestinian patterns back in style as her way to keep her culture alive while living away from her country. Her designs and artwork have gained massive appreciation and demand from across the world, especially from the Arab world, which sees it as a resilient effort to resurrect the fast-fading Palestinian culture and tradition.

–         Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou is a world-famous fashion designer based out of London. Her work has received appreciation and acceptance globally and has been worn by various celebrities. She creates vivid and colorful designs by combining intricate and quirky pieces using embroidery, print, beadwork, and embellishments.

Mary Katrantzou was born in Greece with a family lineage of designers. She developed an interest in fashion work at an early age and ever since has used various embroidery and printing techniques to create unique, lively, and complex pieces of artwork. She was also awarded the prestigious Vogue Designer Fashion Fund in 2015 for her massive success in the fashion space.

–         Purvi Doshi

Purvi Doshi is a highly reputed and recognized fashion designer from India. She takes her inspiration from the traditional Indian Heritage. Purvi is best known for creating some of the finest and most intricate embroidery work for her garments. Inspired by rich traditions, here designs are bold, lively, and colorful with the rich representation of floral imagery and various complex textures.

Purvi Doshi uses a centuries-old traditional Indian crafting method, “Khadi,” to create some of her more phenomenal artwork. The richness of colors, complex yet lively designs and bold use of patterns make her designs stand out among the many. She has won the prestigious “Emerging Designer” award by Grazia Magazine.

To her credit, she is also an active supporter of sustainable and cruelty-free art. She is one of the few designers who prefer using hand-woven fabrics and natural colors as an act to minimize the environmental impact of her world. Her commitment to the environment goes deep into her brand, where she frequently promotes a sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle as a means to save the planet for future generations..

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