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Dugarco – Environmentally friendly clothing manufacturers in Vietnam

DUGARCO is one of the prestigious Vietnamese environmentally friendly clothing manufacturers. We are proud to be an eco-friendly manufacturer. With a production process that minimizes waste and the product is recyclable. Learn about sustainable materials and products with DUGARCO through the following article!

1. Characteristics of environmentally friendly clothing manufacturers of Dugarco

Sustainable fashion production means that clothing is produced in the most optimal way, with minimal impact on the environment. In eco friendly clothing manufacturers Dugarco’s clothing creation process, most clothing products use recyclable materials. The product is designed to be reused, then the product is recycled to be environmentally friendly. 

1.1 Materials used in production are environmentally friendly

Materials used for production at all Dugarco factories are environmentally friendly. Some materials can be mentioned such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. They are one of several sustainability requirements that the fashion industry needs to comply with.

Clothing products at Dugarco ensure the use of recyclable materials

On the other hand, one report suggested that 35% of microplastics (very small pieces of plastic that will never biodegrade) in the ocean are caused by wastewater from washing synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

1.2 Use sustainable means of transport

Clothes from vietnam clothing manufacturers are delivered to stores by means of transport that do not use fossil fuels. Regarding the showroom, Dugarco ensures the criteria of safe and economical use of electricity and water. In addition, the amount of emissions to the environment in all production activities of the factory is kept as limited as possible.

1.3 Stores in sustainable distribution

Using a distribution system, recyclable packaging, and reducing waste to the environment will make a huge difference. Some criteria targeting the supply chain:

  • Optimizing transport infrastructure: Use cleaner, energy-saving modes of transport. Consider using e-trucks, drones are virtually zero waste.
  • Full-circle supply chain: Reverse logistics recovers used product packaging and unsold or end-of-life products to be disposed of, recycled, or reused.
  • Sustainable distribution: Ensuring the entire distribution process from order processing, packaging, and storage to delivery to customers
  • Sales and Marketing: Emphasize green marketing to create and increase sustainable purchases.

2. Some eco-friendly products produced by Dugarco

As one of the environmentally friendly clothing manufacturers, Dugarco expands its scale to produce fashion products from eco-friendly organic fabrics.

2.1 Costumes for women

Dugarco is confident that all women’s clothing is handcrafted by local artisans using 100% organic fabrics. In addition, the clothes are used with safe, environmentally friendly color dyes.

This helps to minimize negative impacts on the environment, ensuring the purity of water and air. Some products are produced with eco-friendly standards such as dresses, suits, accessories, etc.

Environmentally friendly clothes but still show elegance and class

2.2 Eco-friendly fashion for men

Eco-friendly men’s fashion is fashion produced from natural or organic materials that can be recycled. At Dugarco, there are many fashion products for men such as jackets, shirts, trousers, and t-shirts,… Just like fashion for women, men’s fashion also applies the same processes. production using the minimum of resources so as not to adversely affect the surrounding environment.

3. What does Dugarco do to become an environmentally friendly clothing manufacturer?

Some production standards help Dugarco become an environmentally friendly clothing manufacturer in Vietnam

  • Most of the plant’s electrical energy comes from green energy sources, solar energy.
  • 100% of waste from production is recycled.
  • Use UV Protection Film for all windows in the factory to limit the use of air conditioning.
  • Use the tabs to control the amount of water used.
  • Factories and workshops all use environmentally friendly lighting.
  • Apply energy-saving devices in every production line.
  • The recycling process separates to handle paper, plastic, batteries, and rags.

4. Dugarco Certifications – Environmentally friendly clothing manufacturers

Dugarco Garment Company is one of the environmentally friendly clothing manufacturers. This is also a reputable supplier of costumes at home and abroad. The enterprise ensures all certifications to become an eco-friendly clothing manufacturer. Dugarco includes certifications such as:

  • ISO 14001 certification: ensures standards related to environmental management such as product life cycle assessment, environmental management system, eco-labeling, etc.
  • ISO 9001: is a standard that requires the establishment of a management system in an enterprise and is applicable in all types of businesses regardless of product type.

Above is some information that environmentally friendly clothing manufacturers should have. Hopefully, with the above information, you can trust when using eco-friendly garments at Dugarco. If you have any questions, you can contact us – Dugarco for free and dedicated advice from our staff.


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