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Boxers’ vs Briefs – Which is the Best for You? [Detailed Guide]

Boxers’ vs Briefs – Which is the Best for You? [Detailed Guide]


If you’re wondering which is better, boxers or briefs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve discussed everything to help you decide. Some of these points include functionality, comfort, appearance, and price. Read ahead if you want to know what the rest are. 

  1. Functionality

Boxers are not that great when it comes to functionality. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering they are quite baggy. Now, if you want a boxer, but aren’t a fan of how loose they are, you can go for a size that is smaller. But in our opinion, this is too much work. You can get a more functional fit with briefs. 

If you’re not careful, briefs can be tight, however. Not only would this make moving uncomfortable, but it can also cause chafing. 

While on the topic of functionality, you could also get away with wearing boxers as shorts around the house. You might be able to wear it out as shorts too, and have no one else notice if you’re careful about the style you choose. 

  1. Comfort

When it comes to comfort, mens boxers take the cake. They are baggy and don’t restrict movement. But at the same time, wearing one that is especially baggy won’t provide much support, which you will feel. 

As boxers are so loose, air circulation would be great. This makes them quite comfortable if it’s hot where you live. 

Briefs fit you well. So, the support that you’d be getting would be great. However, there wouldn’t be much air circulation. 

Regardless of which of the two that you choose, the material you buy will also affect their comfort. Your best bets would be to go for underwear with high cotton percentages. 

  1. Appearance

Are you on the heavier side? You might want to stay away from boxers. It will add more weight to your frame. 

Briefs work with all body-types, and they especially look the best on people who are in-shape. 

When it comes to shopping for the two, go for darker colours and simple styles.  These would make you look stylish. Just remember that buying a white brief could be the worst thing you could do. You’d look kiddish. 

  1. Price

Both boxers and briefs don’t cost too much. If you were to compare the two, you would see that briefs are slightly more affordable, though. 

If you weren’t aware, there is a hybrid of boxers and briefs called boxer-briefs. It’s much pricier than its 2 counterparts. This is mostly due to how in-demand it is. 

Final Thoughts

Considering all of the points that were discussed, what do you think? There are several tips to consider when choosing between briefs and boxers. In our opinion, briefs are the better choice. They look good and are more functional. 

Although briefs are the better choice, remember that you can even wear boxers as shorts around the house and outside – they look like baggy shorts after all. 

Hopefully you found all of the points that were discussed useful.

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