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All About Certification Course of SPC or The SAFeⓇ Program Consultant

The certification of SPC is one of the latest certifications in Scaled Agile. SAFeⓇ Program Consultants or SPCs are vital to the successful implementation of SAFeⓇ. The ability and knowledge of a professional are validated by an SPC certification in order to take on a SAFeⓇ transformation.

What are the topics to be covered to learn how to implement SAFeⓇ?

You have to learn the steps of applying SAFeⓇ across the company or organisation first. These are the steps that one has to follow and get the credential of SPC. The topics to be covered are as follows:

  1. Becoming an SPC or SAFeⓇ 5 Program Consultant
  2. Sustaining and improving
  3. Extending to the portfolio
  4. Coaching ART execution
  5. Launching an ART
  6. Designing the implementation
  7. Reaching the Tipping Point of SAFeⓇ

What are the practical skills a candidate will learn after finishing their SPC course?

The training of SPC or SAFeⓇ Program Consultant revolves around equipping the candidates with all the practical skills required to become a constructive SAFeⓇ Program Consultant or SPC in a SAFeⓇ enterprise. The SPC program is an interactive and engaging one, conducted for thirty-two hours. Some of these practical skills are listed below:

  1. Understanding the roles in implementing SAFe training
  2. Authorising a Lean portfolio
  3. Building answers with Agile Product Delivery
  4. Identifying Value Streams
  5. Launching Agile Release Trains
  6. Coaching a SAFeⓇ transformation

How will the SPC certification help you?

The design of the SPC certification is to provide the candidates with all the skills they need to qualify in implementing SAFeⓇ coaching across one’s Enterprise.

Accomplishing the fulfilment of the SAFeⓇ Program Consultant course will satisfy the prerequisite for the SPC certification and gets one ready to pass the examination on the very first attempt.

When one acquires the certification of SPC, they can validate training across their organisation for implementing SAFeⓇ training and practices and make sure that these practices are being carried on over time. The SAFeⓇ Program Consultant certification sets one apart from their peers. It delivers the benefits of career growth in a position that has a high demand.

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What are the necessary prerequisites for attending the SPC course?

The course of SPC or SAFeⓇ Program Consultant welcomes all professionals who are keen on improving their understanding of a SAFeⓇ environment. The certification of SPC is an advanced one. The candidates have to meet the requirements mentioned below in order to qualify for the SAFeⓇ Program Consultant certification. The requirements are as follows:

  1. One or more relevant certifications of Agile
  2. More than three years of experience in Agile
  3. More than five years of experience in project management, product, business analysis, testing, and software development.

Once the candidate has finished the certification course of SPC or SAFeⓇ Program Consultant, they can take on superior roles to add value at the program level and across teams. This will accelerate the advantages of implementing SAFeⓇ training across the enterprise.

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