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5 Stationery Essentials for Your Home Office

The pandemic has revamped the way most offices work. As you, like most people, are working from home, it is time to give your home workspace a little more consideration and deck it with valuable supplies.

To start with the basics, you will need a table, chair, and laptop stand. Also, a good lighting source is vital if you work into the night. Now, stop before you make the trip to your nearest stationery store.

Local stationery shops have a small range of products and in limited colours. Instead, you can buy stationery online and get discounted products.

Work from Home Must-Haves

Your own workplace might have adopted the work-from-home model permanently. Your work-from-home station is where you will spend the better part of your hand. So, it needs to be comfortable and resourceful. All your necessities should be close at hand, especially when you are on a work call.

Keeping this in mind, here are five stationery must-haves for your new workspace:

1.     Planner and notebooks

A planner is a blessing when it comes to day-to-day organisation. Taking five minutes every morning to fill out your schedule for the day helps you stay focused and make your appointments in time. Moreover, nothing can beat the feeling of ticking off a task from your planner.

Also, you can use it to take notes for or during meetings. Although, if you want to reserve your planner for organisational purposes, having a professional notebook on your desk can help.

Additionally, you might be working on multiple projects at the same time. Having multiple labelled notebooks can help you segregate and keep track of all your work.

2.     Sticky Notes and Tabs

Regardless of location, every professional space requires sticky notes. Be it scribbling pointers to refer to during a meeting or sticking new ideas to the walls, they are the most versatile and helpful office supplies.

In addition to their independent functions, you can use them in your planners and notebooks. Sticky tabs are great for separating and bookmarking important pages or highlighting important reminders. With these colourful reminders, you will never miss another deadline!

3.     Pens, cases, and stands

You will find a wide variety of writing tools when you buy stationery online. They are functional, aesthetic, and crucial for your work desk.

Furthermore, having a pen stand can help you neatly present your pen collection. It provides structure to your tabletop and is also very handy. However, a pen case might serve you better if you have the habit of losing your pens and never replacing them on the stand.

Opening and closing the zips or clasps will make you more aware of when you reach out for a pen. So, take that as a reminder and be more mindful of putting the pens back in once you are done using them.

4.     File Folders

Does your job require you to print a lot of paperwork?

If yes, simply placing them on a corner of your desk can create clutter. This way, you will never find essential documents when needed and might waste more paper.

Instead, invest in file folders. You can add tabs to label them and keep your paperwork organised.

5.     Water Bottle

The biggest downside of sitting at your table all day is neglecting your health. While you might get a cup of tea or coffee every couple of hours, you will forget to hydrate.

So, invest in a minimal water bottle. Make sure it matches the professional vibe of your office and have it on your desk at all times.

Wrapping up

This article pinpointed five office essentials that you need when working from home. Your home office should reflect your personality. So, buy stationery online to get multiple options for mixing and matching and create a consistent theme. After all, the space that you spend most hours of your day in should make you happy!

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