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5 Hot Tips to Increase Sales at Your Repair Store

With the pandemic situation for the past three years, the retail industry has suffered to a great extent. Brick and mortar businesses, especially the repair business, have gone down in sales exponentially. I cannot say the world would be the same after this pandemic. But as of now, the world is back on track.

With that, people are heading back to their traditional shopping experiences. However, as a repair shop owner, you can take full advantage of it and convert these shoppers to your repair store because you have other exciting accessories to offer them apart from cell phone repair.

You look at the reports generated by the repair shop management System and see an unpredictable change in sales every week. Sometimes there’s a sales slump, and sometimes, it isn’t. But if you are here, you are probably facing a sweeping sales slump and looking for ways to overcome it.

You cannot only rely on people that accidentally stumble upon your repair store for sales. Rather have a strategy to attract more customers to drive more sales.

Here are the five best ways to increase sales at your repair store.

Connect with Your Customers Online

To increase sales, you need to connect with customers. Target customers on the platforms where they spend most of their time. It is easy because everyone browses and shops for things online. Make sure that customers can find your repair online.

Have an online storefront where customers can easily find you. This includes an attractive website, appearance on social media platforms, and publishing about your business through online channels. Provide your customers with your repair shop information and the technology like repair shop management software you use. Entertain your customers with daily posts, so they know you are always there to connect with them.

Social media is a free platform to connect with your customers. Collect the data on which social media app your majority of customers use, and then post there regularly.

Another way of connecting with your customers is making a long-term relationship with them. Maintain a supreme relationship with them so that they always buy from you. It is achieved by providing your customers with special treatment like discounts, the best POS software customer experience, favors, etc. In addition, this connection will help you in ‘word of mouth marketing,’ which is a supreme and proven technique of marketing to increase sales.

Offer Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Increasing sales is all about customers’ satisfaction, and they are satisfied by the best customer service. So what is the most premium form of customer service? You are thinking right; it’s a loyalty program and rewards for your customers. 

The best way to implement a loyalty program successfully is by offering rewards, offers, and discounts. Provide your customers with loyalty points each time they purchase or get their phone repaired from you. Customers will come back to you for big purchases even if they have to wait for your new product instead of going to your competitors or other sources. That’s the power of a loyalty program! It enhances customer engagement, increasing customer retention, and more sales.

Display offers and discounts on your repair stores POS software for customers to look at it while checking out. Try to make the point acquisition process in a loyalty program as easy as possible so that your customers enjoy purchasing from you.

Pro tip: Hire customer service staff that are knowledgeable and passionate about working with customers to help customers guide them through the processes online and in-store. Most customers stay loyal to you because of your customer service rather than your product or service. So you can achieve high sales by hiring CSRs who put effort into their work.

Give Your Service and Product Teaser

You might have seen free samples of food lying at Costco that attract your attention. Even if you are not planning to buy a new york style thin pizza slice, you tend to buy one because you have tried the sample. Also, it puts a weight on your shoulder to be rude by not buying after eating a sample of food. You end up trying different samples and buy a lot more than you think. That’s an effective strategy as most people do not consider buying stuff because they won’t know if it would suit them.

Giving free samples and sending your new product to customers can help them decide what they want. You can offer them free repairs to begin with, or gift an accessory while they check out.

Be Meticulous while Pricing

One of the primary reasons for the customers not being interested instantly is due to the price. It may justify the repair job, but it is not easy for the customer to digest $400 for a repair. So to prevent your customers from getting shocked, devise a price strategy.

Give customers facility by making different price plans for them. Then, you can add their plan information against their ticket in the repair shop management software. That makes the customer comfortable paying and will return to you for this facility.

Also, keep the prices of your products profit-orientated. Because no matter how efficient your product is, if it is not affordable to the consumers, there is no use in selling it.

Be Smart with the Product Positioning

Take advantage of the impulse psychology of customers and position your products strategically across your repair store. For example, place your accessories at the check-out counter where customers can see them and be tempted to buy them while checking out.

Secondly, place an expensive item with the inexpensive one to create a comparison. This would make customers believe that they are getting a good bargain. As a result, they will buy the cheaper one instantly even if they are unwilling to. In addition, some customers would prefer the expensive one because they would think the expensive one has better quality. In either case, your sales will increase.

Selling more is about planning an effective sales strategy that triggers the right button in customers’ psychology. Keeping in mind the scenario, I have presented you with proven sales-boosting tips. Give these a try, and thank me later!

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