sepStream’s adaptable, cloud based wellbeing innovation offers custom fitted computerized answers for radiology, cardiology and muscular conditions and empowers associations to execute a reasonable, secure and content rich imaging the board stage to work on their clinical administrations. Reports can be in a split second conveyed through the HL7 connect with GP and experts practices, clinics and united medical care.

What benefits do we offer?

  1. From request to conclusive report, sepstream.com EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions give a full answer for digitize your work process climate. Our HL7 motor will flawlessly incorporate with your charging, auxiliary EHR/EMR, or potentially practice the board suite.
  2. sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions include expansiveness and profundity, administration, and estimating that no other seller can coordinate.
  3. We give a speedy and consistent execution into your work process.
  4. sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions outreach group is actually instructed to ensure we furnish you with the arrangement that will address your issues.
  5. We are focused on 100 percent fulfillment of sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions items and administration.
  6. We don’t charge extra for extra modules, studies or client costs.
  7. 100% web empowered gives sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions clients with “anyplace” secure admittance to the sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions.
  8. We work with you to fit the answer for meet your singular necessities.
  9. Every deal incorporates 1-year of help, upkeep, and updates.
  10. sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions are adaptable and will keep on developing with your organization.
  11. We deal a few techniques to incorporate with your ongoing EMR/RIS/PACS/DICOM™ items at an ostensible expense.
  12. We are focused on our sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions clients and ONLY succeed when our clients succeed.

Sepstream Solution

We give strong, unlimited arrangements at a reasonable cost. Clients can smooth out tasks and promptly perceive cost reserve funds, in this manner guaranteeing proceeded with productivity and acquiring an upper hand in the symptomatic imaging industry. Our zero “tricks” way to deal with deals and reconciliation gives sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions clients with a solitary answer for establish a computerized and useful workplace. We will work with you to digitize your work process from the underlying request to conveyance of the last report and pictures. Likewise, we give you the apparatuses to break down your proficiency, promoting entrance, and volume.

Analytic Imaging Has Changed Forever

These progressions are because of proceeded with cuts in repayment, complex guidelines, expanded rivalry/costs, and an unstable economy. Whether you work in IDTF, ER, cardiology, muscular health, emergency clinics, or tele-radiology, we vow to work with you to guarantee that each penny spent on sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions will bring about a fast, quantifiable, and unmistakable profit from venture (ROI). sepStream® is in a serious organization with clients to help them get by, yet succeed.

Sepstream Web-based System:

To give clients ideal thought from any spot, Sepstream’s Web-based PACS has become notable. The system’s single working all and UI grants specialists to convey their sincere endeavors in any environment without having various structures or informational collections that need making due! Thusly, You can without a doubt get to Online pictures rapidly, so you will not at any point miss anything critical happening during your preparation again.

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