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7 amazing tips for those who want to live in Australia

Many people are looking for other places in the world to study and work. Are you in this situation too, but still haven’t decided where to go? Have you ever thought about living in Australia?

This country has increasingly conquered the hearts of many people from other nations. All this charm for Australia is due to the following factors: Great educational institutions in Australia, ease of finding a job, an excellent quality of life, welcoming people and a program for immigration of qualified people.

If you want to live the experience of an exchange or just want to expand your horizons, then get ready to discover Australia. But don’t forget an important point: such a change requires good planning so you don’t get disappointed.

To give you a little help, let’s list some tips about living in Australia! Read the post to the end and find out if there is the country of your dreams!

Below, we will list some tips for you who are thinking about living in Australia. These are points that, from now on, it is important to stay inside. Check it out.

1. Get to know Australians’ lifestyles

Everything new we try gives that little fear, doesn’t it? A change in culture is no different. But the good side is that Australians are very easy to get along with, as they are very welcoming people. You will feel right at home!

Australians have healthy habits. They love waking up and going to bed early, taking a good walk after work, and exercising in the parks.

Another custom of theirs is to have picnics, including at lunchtime, during the rest of the workday.

Another very important detail that you need to know is that Australians have a different idea of personal space than Brazilians, so don’t get too close when talking, OK?

2. Know how to adapt to foods

An excellent point in Australia is the ease of finding foods from many countries. This makes life easier for those who have difficulty adapting to new flavors. Besides, if you’re one of those Brazilians who don’t give up a good coffee, know that you’ll find several Cafes there!

In Australia there is a great influence of Asian cuisine. However, if you don’t like this option and prefer the foods you’re used to, a good tip is to buy food at the supermarket and prepare your meals yourself, which will be much cheaper!

3. Discover how to make friends in Australia

As mentioned, Australians are good to get along with. Of course, a good relationship with them will also depend on your ability to speak English.

On the whole, chances are you’ll have no problem making friends in Australia. There, people don’t care much about differences in nationality, race and color. Anyway, prejudice is almost zero.

The bottom line for Australians is that if you treat people with respect, so will you. There, education is fundamental. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to these questions!

If you decide to go to a bar alone, you will hardly be without company for a long time, as Australians usually love a good conversation and always have a smile on their face, even for strangers.

4. Discover tourist attractions in Australia

Many people compare Australia to Brazil when it comes to places to visit, given the great amount of natural beauties, the main one being the stunning beaches.

In addition to the enchanting beaches, there are also rainforests, mountains, snowy alps, deserts and canyons. In other words, there is variety for all tastes.

Some of Australia’s attractions are:

  • Lake Hillier or Lake Rosa: it is a pink saline lake that is located in Recherche;
  • Gippsland Lakes: is a wonderful lake that produces a light due to the algae that live in it;
  • Uluru: is a sandstone rock formation considered a World Heritage Site. The coolest thing is to follow its color change, as the sun goes down;
  • Aurora Australis: this is an optical phenomenon that occurs in Tasmania, which leaves the sky with an incredible color due to the impact of solar wind particles with the atmosphere;
  • St Mary’s Cathedral: this is another amazing tourist spot, which is located in Sydney.

Anyway, these are just some of the many places you can visit when you decide to live in Australia.

5. Understand how public transport works in Australia

If you choose to live in Australia, public transport will be no problem. They work super well, and are used by people from all walks of life.

In Australia, the main means of transport are buses, trains and ferries. They are clean, air-conditioned and come on time. The amount to be paid will depend on the route to be taken. It is important to remember that you do not need to hand over cash on the bus, but rather a kind of card, which can be purchased before the trip.

In many bus waiting points there are signs indicating the time they will pass. This makes life a lot easier for those who are in the first days of their stay there! This timetable can also be found online. Very cool, isn’t it?

6. Know what the cost of living is

The cost of living in Australia will depend on where you choose to live. Generally speaking, it is not cheap to live there, but the workers are very well paid, so there will be a balance between what you will receive in salary and what you will spend. Thus, some say that living in Australia is cheaper than in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, for example.

Sydney is one of the most expensive places to live in Australia, and one of the cheapest places to live in is Adelaide. For those who are arriving, the ideal is to seek to have a less expensive lifestyle until they stabilize financially.

7. Understand how to work and study in Australia

If you decide to live in Australia, it will be possible to work while you study in Australia. After all, it’s always good to have a little money to help finance your studies. There, you will find some of the best education in the world and you will still have the chance to have a job and be well paid.

A very positive point is that people who do exchange programs can, without great difficulty, obtain visas to study and work in this charming country.

Without a doubt, living in Australia is an incredible experience! You will have the opportunity to broaden your horizons, discover new cultures, as well as being able to study and work at the same time. All this with a great quality of life!

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